Fortune Telling by Reading Feet

Feet Reading: Unknown but among the most crucial future predicting sciences

Though a slightly neglected field in current astrology, unknown to many it is one of the most crucial future predicting sciences since the feet can store the energy of our past and represent our body and mind in totality. Simply put, the reading of the future is inaccurate and incomplete in horoscope and astrology if the foot is not read. can be seen from marriages that take place after the matching of horoscopes and kundlis. We often see that kundlis match but marriages fail to work later on. This is simply because the main secret lies in the feet which was never read and the accurate matching and compatibility aspects of both the individuals were actually never found out as accurately as it should have been.

Meet India’s one and only Feet Reader –
Preeti Chadha

“If eyes are the windows to a man’s soul, his feet are the storehouse of his past karma… and its lines…his destiny.”- Anonymous

Preeti was born special and since childhood had an inborn talent or a special sixth sense. She could predict the past, the present circumstances as well as the future of another person just by looking at their feet closely. Read More...

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